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real estate: promotion and emotion

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Connecting your buyer to your property

In real estate, just as in life, first impressions can make all the difference.

Buying a house is an emotional experience. No matter how practical a house is, people won't buy it if it doesn’t feel right. That feeling - the gut reaction that says “it's right, it's the one” - that’s an emotional response, not a logical one. A good photograph can bypass the brain and work right there - at gut level! It happens in an instant and that’s your first impression. Get your buyer hooked - involve them in the property in that instant - and it will be much easier for your agent to get the best price for your property.

involve your buyer emotionally with your property - make them want it badly enough - and they will pay beyond logical expectations

Real Photography has been doing this since 2001. It's a formula that works.

• Professional, high quality photographs
• Expert processing
• Advice and consultation on preparation
• Discounts if purchased through your agent

How do we do that?


We are all bombarded with images every day - which makes us a very visually savvy bunch. You know when a photo looks a bit “shonky”, and so does your buyer. They may be looking at a picture of your home, but they are responding to the quality of the image - although they might not know it! So the top priority is to get photos that are technically perfect, and totally professional. We also select views and details of your home that create an atmosphere and set the mood. This is why we can focus on a pumpkin (see image, right) and it still says a lot about the property - it's rustic, homely, warm, cosy... When we “process” the images after the shoot, we’ll do so in a style that suits your home - and in consultation with your agent and yourself. This processing can create quite a different feel. Here are two shots of the same property taken for different agents:




It's the single biggest thing most of us ever sell: a small investment in promotion can reap big rewards


Notes about choosing the style of photography...

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