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Does your Photographer:

  • Bother straightening walls in every shot?
  • Know how to treat windows so they don't look fake?
  • Offer video walkthroughs?
  • Drop in realistic skies on cloudy days?

  • We do basic retouching on all our photos - we straighten, colour correct, fix exposure and many minor tweaks and refinements that help make an image professional. Every property gets at least an hour of retouching.
  • We do major retouching on the main images - that includes making sure a view is visable through a window, fixing skies, and digital removal (only of things that are removable of course).
  • We include in our price shots taken from up to 7m up - if the property warrants it - sometimes the lead shot should be at ground level.
  • We can provide video walkthroughs at very competative rates.
  • We are expert at finding that special angle that shows off the best features (and sometimes the redeeming feature) of ANY property.

Bells and Whistles

  • Cost efective Video, featuring you or with a voice-over or music-only.
  • We shoot RAW (not jpeg) at 36MP



Who Pays?

We know the vendors generally pay for photography. We are keen to get you the agent on our side...

We'll price match

Find real estate photography of the same quality and we'll match or better the price. (Pricing needs to be public!)

Are you Paying?

Talk to us, we'll give you a discount






For Sale Sign / Display board

Featuring photos from the shoot plus supplied text. Includes design plus coreflute sign ready to be mounted.

Agent-branded mailers & flyers

Offset printed Sumo-Sized super high quality 2 sided flyers printed on extra heavy duty 420 gsm card stock with gloss finish. Sumo cards are close to the biggest thing you can post for the price of an ordinary stamp. 220 x 120mm.

Professional Copywriting

$85 Per paragraph: description based on questionnaire. Not quoted on the copywriter visiting the property.


Region Covered

We'll travel from Thora to Emerald Beach to Nambucca Heads for no extra cost.