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Accommodation photography

Motels, B&B's,self catering apartments, caravan and camping sites - they all benefit from great photography in their promotion.

We take a bit longer with accommodation photography - both on site and in post production, but the 10 year experience we have shooting hundreds of real estate properties means we have the process down to a fine art!

  • We do basic retouching on all our photos - we straighten, colour correct, fix exposure and many minor tweaks and refinements that help make an image professional. Every shoot gets at least an hour of retouching.
  • We do major retouching on the main images - that includes making sure a view is viable through a window, fixing skies, and digital removal (only of things that are removable of course).
  • We include in our price shots taken from up to 7m up - if the property warrants it - sometimes the lead shot should be at ground level.
  • We can provide video walkthroughs at very competitive rates.
  • We are expert at finding that special angle that shows of the best features of ANY property.
  • Using models in the shoot adds a personal touch - highly reccomended for accommodation providors!

Bells and Whistles

  • Video, (fully hosted if you need it at no extra cost*)
  • We shoot RAW (not jpeg) at 36MP
  • 360x180 virtual tours (you can look straight up and down if you like)


We spend a little more time on our accommodation photos & videos- they will be around for longer than your average real estate listing. We'll be able to tell you how long we'll need depending on the type of accommodation you have. See our real estate pricing to give you a ballpark. We usually we spend twice as long on location and in processing your pics.


Please note prices exclude using models.




Graphic Design

Logos, magazine advertising, flyers and brochures - we design in house and can create a very cost effective package.


Web promotion only starts with your website.Talk to us about web promotion using our partner's services.

Professional Copywriting

Say it with words, as well as pictures.


Region Covered

We'll travel from Thora to Emerald Beach to Nambucca Heads for no extra cost.