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Our Real Photographers

Real photography employs only professional photographers who receive training and support from "head office". We handle all the post production work in-house ensuring the highest quality production values. Currently there are two photographers in the field:

Gethin Coles

Gethin ColesWith a BA (HONS) degree in film and video and with a successful career in marketing, digital design and photography he is uniquely equipped to understand and meet the requirements of today’s businesses. Gethin's continued passion for photography is reflected in the high quality of his work with his exceptional talents being recognised across the fields of documentary, commercial and art photography, be it on location, from the air or studio based. He started photographing real estate regularly in 2001, that experience covers literally hundreds of properties.


Alex Cowley

Gethin ColesGethin was joined by Alex in 2010. Alex is many plaudited, is an expert photo retoucher as well as an accomplished landscape and commercial photographer. Alex's awards and achievements include Master of Photography, Australian Landscape Photographer of the Year and NSW Landscape photographer of the Year. He's worked on several national advertising campaigns for print and TV. He has 10 years professional experience as well as being the Feature Editor for Better Digital Camera magazine, one of Australia's leading digital photography publications.